Monday, November 27, 2006
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Founded in 1999, Plasma Studio is an innovative architecture and design practice based in London and Northern Italy.

Partners Eva Castro and Holger Kehne combine academic research - as unit master and graduate school programme director at the Architectural Association - with the uncompromising implementation of high-quality residential, commercial and leisure projects. Furthermore the practice is engaged in installations, exhibition and furniture design.


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Helen Manferdini creates the homonym studio after graduated in civil engineering in Bologna and achieved possession a master to the Sci_arc. She has collaborated with Greg Lynn and currently teach in the best faculties of architecture.


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On the site Archinect you can find many blogs of students of the various Californian faculties... this is a blog of a student of the UCLA, to the takings with the CNC.


Saturday, November 25, 2006
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What happens if we don't have the keys of the closet? We try to open it with different methods. Here we're to the takings in our new center to the Polytechnic! It's official, A+surface has a center in the heart of the Poli in the middle of all the other student associations!
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Sunday, November 19, 2006
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_Message for all students of +model workshop.

We are preparing the book of the projects of the workshop taken place in May.

They still miss the projects of some groups, others have to furnish us some inherent material to the personal project.
We will send a mail to every group to ask for the specific material.
For the one that had not made it yet, prepare the translation of his own relationship in English.

For any problem contacted us by mail.

Thanks for the collaboration.


Saturday, November 04, 2006
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Designed object.

See this blog for find some interesting news about 3d e prototyping. The autor having a PhD study that explores the notion that an increasing number of practitioners are able and willing to use 3D computer technologies to negotiate working across previously designated disciplinary domains and thereby transcend traditional modes of practice.


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FRONT furniture.

Is it possible to let the first sketch become the object, to design directly in space?

The four members of FRONT make it possible to materialise hand made sketches through using a unique method where they combine two highly developed techniques.
Invisible pen strokes in the air recorded with Motion Capture become digital 3D-files. Through Rapid Prototyping, the files are materialised into real pieces of furniture.

_more material with high resolution.


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Making of DAG&SIM1's degree.

Our Dag and SIM1 have published the backstages of their thesis, times of hard job passed in front of the computer. The model has been made with the technique of the prototipization.


Friday, November 03, 2006
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Wolf D. Prix

In Los angeles, next to the church of Rafael Moneo, we had seen a real estate advertising with a particular render, it was not the usual architecture. In fact it was a project of the study Coop Himmelb(l)au, the Central Los Angeles Area High School #9.


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Some years ago I have bought a book on a show of young slovenian architects 6IXPACK, their projects are now published finally.


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When the cube is eroded in the inside the space can become exciting. See the competition brief. Images are very small, damn....


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If you want to see other photos about japan architectures like this one, visit this link. You can find some project of Toyo Ito and Tadao Ando.


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Evaharlou architect.

I have found this site on an architect woman. The projects are a lot in Dutch style, the simplicity that we like Made. Look to the right after all at the photo of the architect, is a beautiful woman!