Friday, March 07, 2008
posted by DAVIDE DEL GIUDICE at 10:51 AM

I post this project from our swedish friends:

Kjellgren Kaminksy Architecture

Client: Emrahus
Object: prefabricated villas
Size: 150-200 sqrm
Stage: preliminary design
Team: Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Oscar Arnklitt, Daniel Andersson

Fyra unika passivhus folder

KKA and Emrahus presents Sweden's first series of prefabricated passive houses at the Hem & Villa housing fair in Malmö from 6/3 to 9/3.

Passive houses are extremely well-insulated buildings that are largely heated by the energy already present in the building - people and our household equipment generate a lot of energy.

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