Thursday, April 17, 2008
posted by DAVIDE DEL GIUDICE at 5:26 PM

A workshops to be held at the summer school organized in Turin 2008 World Design Capital in the second half of July. There are 6 Design workshop to be held in Pollenzo, a series of conferences, and a research laboratory between Architecture and Design to be held in Turin at Poly (Prototyping the City), which explore issues similar to those faced on our blog, the research finalising the construction of the installation scale 1 / 1 (guest star Claudia Pasquero Marco Poletto - Architectural Association London, Caterina Tiazzoldi - Columbia University New York, Cesare Griffa - polito)
Membership is open to anyone interested (which has an academic or professional experience in arch. Or design and is less than 30 years) until 30 May 2008 by the site