Thursday, June 19, 2008
posted by Pier at 8:39 AM

It is one single element, like a brick. That's the idea. It’s a new kind of brick to build with.
That's what Greg Lynn explains about his project for the exhibition at Sci-arc.
The structure fell apart, the day after the opening.
From the learning point of view: amazing, even if the result might be discouraging.
Why? To test a structure in such a public space, it is not that easy. They have been working for two years. No one was expecting it. In the computer's software was working perfectly. So was went wrong? Scaffolding.
Studying a system to help build the structure. A system that would have allowed the right positioning of the bricks.
As a matter of fact, at already halfway of the building process, the shape wasn't working properly.

The computer took us away from the reality. Connections perfectly under control in the virtual reality, become unstable for accumulation of imprecision in the everyday reality.
Maybe a well done scaffolding would have avoided the sum of imprecision versus a kind of free building process, that has been involved this time.

As a student pointed out, the mortar helps the bricks in their connection, and I would say, it also help to cover and to smooth imprecise bricks or assembling. Greg Lynn though, seems more interested in a pure approach of a single element that aggregates with others to create a structure/wall.

Here some pics of the structure before the repairs.
Now there are posts in the middle of the structure holding it.


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