Monday, June 16, 2008
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Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho (born December 15, 1907) is a Brazilian architect who is considered one of the most important names in international modern architecture. He was a pioneer in the exploration of the constructive possibilities of reinforced concrete.

His buildings are often characterised by being spacious and exposed, mixing volumes and empty space to create unconventional patterns and often propped up by pilotis. Both lauded and criticised for being a "sculptor of monuments"[1], his most famous design, the plan for the city of Brasilia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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As Brazilian, I'm very glad to see this good surprise: an article about the most famous and influent Brazilian architect. I hope you all have the opportunity to visit one of his projects. My suggestion is starting right there in Turin, where you have 2 of his works, designed during the period he had to live in France due the dictatorship period in Brazil. The buildings are headquarters of FATA and CARTIERE BORGO, local industries, I guess... I've visited both.

The FATA s.p.a. headquarter is located in Via Piave, and to arrive you must go until the west end of Corso Regina Margherita, take Via Torino Pianezza (SS24), cross over Tangenziale Nord until the roundabout (rotunda) in Via Piave, where you must turn right. There will be, in your right side, the building, in a piece of land between Via Piave, Via dei Prati and Via Ivrea. If you know other Niemeyer's buildngs you will recognize FATA's headquarter, I'm sure.

The BORGO GROUP s.p.a. is located close to Autostrada Torino-Milano, where you go until the Strada Statale 11 Padana Superiore (SS11), turn left to take Corso Lombardia and then turn right in Corso Piemonte. Right after passing under the Anello Nuovo of Strada Statala 11 Padana Superiore (SR11)you turn right in a small street called Via del Freidano, that will take you to the main entrance of the building on your right side.

If you can go to Milan, try to find the heaquarter of Mondadori. This is one of the most beautiful and musical building he designed. Unfortunately I did not go there. It will be on a next time in Italy...

I hope you all enjoy them.

Hugs from Brazil.

Arq. André Almeida

P.S.: My memories to Prof. Roberto Mattone!


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